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A Heritage Of Excellence In Family Law

 An experienced family law attorney is vital to protecting you, your assets and your family. At Nelson | Kirkman (previously Paul J. Nelson & Associates),  we provide the knowledge, expertise and integrity you deserve. Our firm  can help you with a variety of family law matters.




  • Divorce and family law
  • Asset protection
  • Property division
  • Child custody and support
  • Paternity
  • Visitation
  • Domestic violence
  • Litigation


Qualified To Take On The Most Complex Divorce Cases


Divorces can range from simple agreements to large and complicated  disputes. When your divorce involves high-value assets like property or  businesses, you need an expert family law attorney to navigate the  divorce process and protect your assets.

Our attorneys are  well-versed in high-asset divorces, and can help you in complex business  and property division cases. One of our attorneys is board certified in  family law by the state of California, showcasing our dedication and  experience in resolving complicated family law matters.


"A Lawyer that is Honest!!"



5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

I have a great family law attorney with Paul!!  He has integrity and morals. He does what he says for you very  hard working!! I couldn't give him a higher rating!! He's courteous and  handles himself with professionalism!!

Posted by Stacy

"Tenacious, Bulldog, Great Attorney"


5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

Using Paul Nelson for my divorce was  the best decision I made in the entire process. He is knowledgeable,  tough, and does not back down. I first noticed Paul while at court for  another matter. I liked the way he approached the judge and did not back  down. He was considerate, but firm and backed by knowledge of the family law  that applied. Because of that, I followed him out of the courtroom and  got his card. Divorce is terrible, but working with Paul helped me to  achieve good results.

Posted by Stephen




5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

Paul Nelson was very professional  and informative prior to, during, and after handling my family law legal situation.  I was grateful for his guidance, and communication throughout the  process. Additionally, I appreciated his availability in answering any  questions I may have had.

More often than not, family legal situations can be very time consuming, frustrating, and lengthy.

I  am thankful that even in the midst of all the details, Paul Nelson, and  his associates were notably helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and  speedy in all actions and correspondence.

Posted by Rebekah

"Excellent Family Law Professional"



5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

Paul and his staff are very professional, very knowledgeable and an excellent firm to work with.

The  firm does a great job of keeping the client informed, they are very  easy to work with and add the human touch to a very difficult situation.  I very much appreciate how they handled my case.

Posted by Mike


 Excellent Attorney

5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

Paul  Nelson and his team were excellent. They were tough when they needed to  be and willing to negotiate when that was appropriate. Paul handled my  case beautifully. I am confident that others will find him to be one of  the best family law attorneys in Southern California. I recommend him  without hesitation.

Posted by Beth

"This Guy is Tough and Good!"


5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

I saw Paul in court in action. I had previously interviewed 3 other attorneys before hiring Paul.

He  provided me a realistic view of my case and an outline for his plan  from the outset. He suggested that we set up a settlement meeting with  my ex prior to court. We were able to settle a number of things at that  time.

Paul was very effective with the judge, the other attorney and the experts we had to hire in my case. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Dave


5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

Paul is extremely caring and wants  the best for me and my children. After working in OC for years Paul  knows the procedures, the court's staff and most all the Judges and  attorneys. This is especially helpful when preparing for his  appearances. He is especially knowledgeable with Family Law and does an  excellent job making sure my rights are protected. I have not observed  any other attorney stand up the same way Paul does.

 A Dad's Point of View 

"Highest Standards of Integrity"


5.0 out of  5.0 Stars

In 2008 I filed for divorce after 20  years of marriage. I only wished I had been referred to Paul Nelson  back then, instead of any one of the four attorneys I left over the next  3 years. 

Within three days of my Judgment, my Ex  stopped paying me. A friend referered e to Paul.  Paul has been nothing but a God send.  Paul helped with everything that the "other  lawyer" forgot to put in the Divorce Judgment, that I wouldn't even know  to ask for.  Paul has exceeded my expectations at all times.  Paul has been nothing but  kind, compassionate. I am always amazed that, at  last, I like and ADMIRE a GREAT LAWYER. He is the most ethical and  honest lawyer I have met in Orange County. 

You need a lawyer who will  be there for you for the long haul, not pass you off to a "lawyer in  learning". Hire someone who will care about You, be compassionate,  understanding, and intelligent. Hire the lawyer who will get you  everything you deserve and are entitled to. Hire the lawyer who will  communicate with you personally.

That lawyer in Orange County is  Paul Nelson. I can count on Paul always, and I know he is there for me  no matter what work I'll need in the future.

Posted by Beverly



Newport Beach Divorce Lawyers Certified in Family Law.

 At Nelson | Kirkman our Newport Beach lawyers obtain optimal results for our clients regardless of the complexity of the matter.   With over 30 years of Family Law experience in Orange County, we are familiar with a wide variety of challenges and can give unique insight on your best path to success. 

What distinguishes Nelson | Kirkman?  

  • Practice limited to Family Law in Orange County
  • Experts in Complex Family Law Litigation
  • Award winning client service
  • Our unique approach to resolving your case 
  • We will explain and inform you about the process step by step
  • We will fight agressively for your interests
  • We are cognizant of the difficulty of the divorce process.  Every effort is made to minimalize the emotional and financial costs.  


Legal Specialists

The California State Bar Legal Specialization for Family Law is intended to provide  the designation of certified specialist increasing public protection and encouraging attorney competence. An experienced family law attorney is vital to protecting you, your assets and your family.  If you do not know family law-you better know who is representing you. 


Integrity, Compassion and Information You Deserve

In any family law dispute, you need a lawyer you can rely on to best  protect your interests. We always demand excellence from our attorneys,  focusing on delivering you results you deserve.  We guide you through the Family Law Justice system with compassion, understanding and  Nelson Kirkman, Family Law in Newport Beach.