Understanding Asset Division

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Asset Division During Divorce

As a newlywed, you may not have asked yourself whether the state you reside in is a community property state or heard of lingo such as equitable distribution. But when a marriage ends in divorce, you may suddenly find yourself having to make difficult decisions and have emotionally-charged discussions with someone you thought you would be with for the long-term. Divorces quickly turn contentious when both spouses realize that they need to figure out how their property is going to be divided up between them. 

Coping with Emotional Challenges

In the most ideal of situations, a couple can be cordial enough to talk about how they want to divide property between themselves. But in other cases, the parting spouses may fight relentlessly about who should get what because they are driven by the strong emotions they are feeling from the divorce. Hopefully, if you are in a divorce right now, you and your ex are able to split up debts, assets, and property cooperatively. While most people do not get the chance to thoughtfully decide what kind of divorce they want to have, the kind of divorce you are going through can have an impact on asset division.

Divorce and Personal Injury

It goes without saying that divorce is stressful. It can impact your mood, how you view the world, and your physical health. When we are put under such pressure we may be at risk of getting injured because we are so distracted and caught up in our thoughts. Or even worse, a person gets into an accident caused by someone else and now has to deal with a divorce and suing someone in a civil case. A personal injury lawyer from Cohen & Cohen has seen how people can suffer in car accidents, slip and falls, bike accidents, rideshare collisions, and so much more. No one deserves to be hurt in an accident, and if that person happens to be going through a divorce at the same time, it can only apply more stress to an already grueling period. 

Seeking Legal Help for Asset Division

If you are concerned about asset division during your divorce, know you are not alone. It is only normal to worry about what will happen to your most valued and prized possessions. A lawyer is a great person to turn to who can help you through the steps of divorce so that you can reach finalization faster and with more of your preferences considered. Maybe you acquired certain assets that are more important to you and will benefit you more in the future. This is especially true if your divorce is of a high-asset nature, which means you may require extra guidance. Your lawyer can help negotiate with your spouse and his or her lawyer in hopes of reaching an agreeable solution. We can’t always prevent the worst from happening in life, but there are family members and friends who can support us through it, along with legal professionals who know the law and can assist people in the most trying of times. When divorce is overwhelming and assets division must be discussed, it helps to have a dedicated lawyer to protect you. 


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